Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speed up your Internet connections with TCP Optimizer

Today, I am going to share a internet tweaking tool that will work wonders!. You will see a drastic change in your connection speed after reading this post (of course you have to implement it too! ).


Registry is an important part of internet connection tweaking. If you want to speed up your internet connection, then you have to change your registry values. Doing so is cumbersome as you have to go to each and every key, find the parameters to change and change the values. So what is the alternate we choose for ? Yes, its a tool called TCP Optimizer.One more reason why it is beneficial is because it provides a visible interface with which you can understand TCP parameters well.So lets first download this tool.

Click here to Download

This is how the interface looks like

After you have downloaded this wonderful tool. Just open the program.
Let us go into the settings.


Well, if you dont want to go into confusions and just tweak it or if you want every term to be explained, scroll down through the page.
 Tweaking it fast ! 
Check your maximum connection speed. How to do this? You can check your bandwidth using any service you like. I am going to check my bandwith using speed test. Just click here to go to speedtest.net. Just click on your nearest location and let it check for your bandwidth speed. Refer to the picture below.

Adjust the connection speed with the results you obtained there. Please do not adjust "connection speed" field to the maximum. It is not going to do any good to you, whereas it will affect your speeds more. The software will set in proper values in the registry, so do not give wrong settings there. After you are done with these,  Make sure you have checked "Modify all network adapters"
Pick "Optimal settings" at the bottom of the interface. Click on 'Apply changes' button and reboot your computer.

Video Tutorial

I have also created a video tutorial for those who can't still understand it.

Settings in a greater detail

If you are not satisfied with the speed you are getting with the current settings (Dont expect it to increase speed by more than 2x), you can understand each and every detail of every setting and set custom values. Where do I find in detail about all these terms? Just Click here to get in depth! It is the official website of this program and you can trust the information out there. 

That's all for now. I will be covering more tutorials about speeding up internet connections in coming days. Hope to see you soon ! Leave in comments if you have any doubts.


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