Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speeding Up a PC with Readyboost

Many people generally complain about slow PC's. So what to do? Well, easiest and a premium way is to upgrade you RAM memory. You will never be satisfied with your RAM memory anytime (at least in my case). Another simple and cheap way is to use readyboost feature. Nowadays all Windows OS come with readyboost feature. All you need to do this trick is have a USB flash device. Commonly used data and programs will run more quickly when you use readyboost.  Readyboost also frees up RAM used by prefetch. Depending on your PC configuration, you may see dramatic speed improvement after implementing this trick.
The maximum flash memory windows can use for this feature is 4 GB. If you choose to buy a flashdrive, buy flashdrives with USB 2.0 or higher(Most of the flashdrives provide this).

Now after you have done with all this, Connect the flashdrive with the PC. I will explain you how to do in steps.
  • Go to my computer and right click >> Properties.
  • Go to readyboost tab. If not present then Navigate to Start >> Run >> services
  • Then search for Readyboost  and go to its properties.Start the service. 
  • Choose Automatic and click OK. Now comeback to My computer, Right click on your flash drive and select properties. Then Navigate to Readyboost. A Window appears as shown below.

  • Set the value of space reserved to what windows recommends and choose 'use this device'.
  • Then hit OK.
So thats all ! After you have done this you will see a change in system speed.
When you want to remove your device, just remove your device by selecting "Safely remove hardware". Windows will recognize that you have to remove the devices and reconfigures itself. You dont have to configure it again.

What do you do if this hack does not work ?
As i said above, all flashdrives wont work if they dont have USB 2.0. But, Windows Vista notifies you immediatly whether a device is compatible for Readyboost or not. Here what to do . . .

  • Run event viewer by typing eventvwr.msc at run.
  • Make sure you are on "Applications and services log" in the tree view.
  • Then navigate to Microsoft >> Windows >> Readyboost >> Operational.
  • You will see all the events related to readyboost, scroll down them until you see the reason for readyboost not working. Refer the picture below
Thats all for now.
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