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‘Best Programs For Every PC' Part - 1


Hello Readers, In one of my older posts i had talked about PC Optimizer – A program to boost up your connections speeds. Softwares likes these make our experience on computer very comfortable, right?. So today i will list some more programs which are very useful and may be considered as a must have package for every PC. This list includes PC optimizers, cleaners, readers, multimedia softwares etc which are useful for a home user (advanced users too can use :)  and all the programs listed here are free (99% of them)!. There are a lot of programs to list in one post, so I will be posting this content in 2 or 3 parts. Part one contains some basic system tools. I have listed these softwares on the basis of my experience, expert opinions and some online referral's too. Hope you find this post informative…

CCleaner is a free tool that allows you to delete unwanted files, cookies, temporary folder etc. This software is a boon for those who have a less disk space. It drastically frees up your valuable memory. You may ask “ Why this program and why not any other? There are lot of cleaners out there.” Its because of its speed (Normally takes a second to clean up). Its cleans up several valuable gigs of memory for me every month. CCleaner is safe and secure program. It wont delete any useful files. It also has a registry ccleaner which I would say is not the best. However, I there another registry cleaner down the list. Just give it a try and see how it works for you.
Malwarebytes AntiMalware
Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-malware tool. Even the free version of it is very effective and easy to use program. With a paid version, you can have features like real time protection, schedules scans,anti spam and regular schedules updates. I would recommend not to buy a pro version because its designed to work alongside with a good antivirus software. Its easy to use and nice interfaced program. Best  feature of this program is the speed to scan thoroughly. It took some 7 minutes for me to scan my whole system !. The only thing that’s not good about this program is that it asks to reboot your system after removal of malware, But I highly recommend this program.
Spybot – Search and Destroy
SpyBot SearchDestroy
Spybot is a also a spyware removal tool. What i like about this program is its its ability to remove all kind of spyware and its not heavy on resources. It takes up very less amount of resources and does a very good job. Once this detects a spyware, it immediately places it in the list of restricted websites of internet explorer. Updates are regularly released and latest spywares will also be blocked. It also has a resident application feature , called teatimer that kills malicious processes. You can freely surf the web when you have this tool in your arsenal.
Firefox Speed
I would say its the best web browser for today’s needs. Best part of this browser is that user can edit all the variables of the program through about:config. It has a lot of features that are not so effective in other browsers that makes firefox the one at the top. Security features include in-built anti-malware, anti-phishing, private browsing, parental controls etc that you can customize according to your needs as well. It is a high performance browser which gives you super speed. Pages load faster and tries to reduce the ping. It gives a great competition to chrome and safari in terms of speed. It also allows you to personalise the looks. You can download different themes, toolbars and addons. The tabs are very impressive.  I like the password management on firefox, unlike other browsers, it allows you to save only your usernames and not passwords. It supports a lot of markup languages like CSS 3, HTML 5, XML and more. You have addons for every kind of customization you need and all these features make it to the top of the list. Its very difficult to review the whole browser in a paragraph, so click here for a detailed review. I would say “Try it and see the change.”
Auslogics Defragger
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Join you harddrive fragments into one with this program. You can speed up your PC by optimizing file system. What this program actually does is it moves the system files to the faster part of hard disk and organises the files in a neat way. The program is fast, light, easy to use, free and what more can you ask for ? I have tried out a good number of defraggers and found out this to be the BEST !. The interface is designed nice and cleanl. Every thing is good about this program and I really recommend you use it.
Perfect Optimizer
Perfect Optimizer 
This is another PC optimizing software which I found to worth post it here. This is one software which I would like to call it as ALL IN ONE software program. Its not a free software though you can download a trial version for a month and try it. Its one of those softwares which provides you every kind of feature readily available into it. It has a lot of cleaners. It has features like repairs,  Optimizer, Security , Speed up, Backups and others. If you click on anyone of these, there are more submenus and offer you every kind of optimization. Like if you go into cleaner, it has registry cleaner, evidence cleaner, junk file cleaner, duplicate cleaner etc. So I would say it as ALL IN ONE package. It has nice interface and provides easy navigation. A beginner or a intermediate user  should always have this program with him.
I have listed a lot of softwares here( and more are coming up too!…) . Softwares are very useful, is’nt it?. But what about the hardware which is the cause for all these softwares ? Everyone pays attention to hardware when they buy computers, but what after that? This software called CPU Z displays in-depth information about what’s going on in your machine. There are five tabs in this programs where different information is displayed on each tab. The first tab is called CPU and it will show you information on the processor of your computer. Next is the Cache tab. The Cache tab displays the L1 data cache (with size and descriptor), L1 Instruction Cache and L2 Cache. There’s a memory section, In Memory section, the user will find details about the type, size and channels. The timings give you the frequency, FSB, latency, delay, DRAM idle timer, cycle time, bank cycle time and command rate. SPD (serial presence detect) gives you the module size, maximum bandwidth, manufacturer. This is one software that gives you up to date information about CPU.
MS Security Essentials
MS Security EssentiallsTo say really, this antivirus really deserved the first place in my post, However, I remembered it now. This is a free antivirus program by microsoft which will ensure better security of your computer. Nowadays we here of many antivirus programs which are rated number one in rankings. Then why this? What I liked about this program was it was light, fast, secure and well built. It took me just two minutes for me to download  with my broadband connection. Microsoft updates this very frequently with latest signatures, malware etc as they come out.  It’s incredibly fast. It took just 15 minutes to scan my whole PC. MSE offers you real time protection, but I am not sure of zero – day threats. They sometimes get through MSE!. The real-time scanner is effective. I tested Eicars test virus, and MSE was offering to clean it off . If a new piece of malware appears on the net, and if it's detected by MSE, then it'll report back to Microsoft, and the information used to help build a signature file that can be delivered to every MSE update. Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the simplest and easiest to use anti-malware tools around. It's quick, unobtrusive and works without slowing your PC down. This programs is best suited for PC’s. Try it out !
And yes, dont forget to read the second part of the same post. Here's the link :  Best Programs for every PC Part -2

These were some of the BEST system tools I found to be useful and worth posting to. This is it for today and in my next post i will be listing a few media players, readers, burners and more ! which are really worth reading. Do SHARE the post if you find it useful. Bye till my next post. . . .


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